“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Marry Ritter Beard

Are you ready for Barcelona to change YOUR ideas of living?




It is time to get inspired!!

Barcelona by locals is the perfect travel guide for you if ...

… you are looking for a non-conventional way of exploring the city

… you are more interested in feeling the Barcelona vibe instead of crossing off the number of sights to see

 … you want to discover Barcelona’s hidden gems through the eyes of real locals aka us & friends

*** Available in digital format only - ideal for the light traveller  ***


Walking Tours

Follow our self-made walking tours! Beautifully designed maps lead you off the beaten track to the most charming places!

Local Experts

Get to know locals! Our local experts tell you about their neighborhood and show you their hot spot in their 'hood'.


Try our favorite places! Be it cultural sights, sweet spots, food & drinks or entertainment. We have recommendations for all you need!


No need to miss out on your sports! Find out about yoga studios, running routes, beach volleyball tournaments, surf rental shops, etc.


Get out of the city! Small beach towns, mountain hikes or wine tastings - all of that is just a day trip away and so easy to reach!


More extras! Find out about the best months to visit, our favorite events and village fairs as well as a list of helpful dos & don'ts!


A few weeks ago I obtained the Barcelona by locals guide since I really wanted to get off the beaten track this time. As a Barcelona addict, I thought I quite know the city, but you guys made me wander around as if it was the first time! The walking tours are just awesome and gave my love for this city another boost. Thanks Magdalena & Michael, please keep inspiring us! 

Michel Brokke, 30, NL

Even though it wasn't our first visit to Barcelona, we discovered a whole new side of the city thanks to our 'Barcelona by locals' guide. It took us to places we definitely would have never ended up - and all of them were lovely! You can feel that all places featured in the guide have been selected with lots of love plus it's a real asset to always have your guide with you on your smartphone!

Sebastian, 32 & Sabrina 31, GER



 We are Magdalena (31) and Michael (31), both from Germany, and we moved to Barcelona in summer 2012 with the initial plan to live in the city for one year. Since then, we have kept on extending our stay by six-months-periods until the day we stopped planning and decided to stay as long as it just feels right.


We love doing sports - be it beach volleyball, basketball, running or yoga - and we love exploring new places and trying new bars, restaurants and cafés. With its endless culinary offer, Barcelona is the perfect place for us and this is also one of the reasons why we created the travel guide Barcelona by locals


Watch this video to get to know us!



When Michael left his job in October 2016, we got inspired by Magdalena’s sister to make use of our knowledge of Barcelona that we gathered over the years living in the city. We quickly fell in love with the idea of creating a travel guide to share our local knowledge with a larger audience and help them experience Barcelona not the touristy but the local way.


What was next? Endless hours of research, interviews with our local friends, designing our favorite walking tours, many moments of joy and desperation. 


Barcelona by locals (FULL Version)

11 neighborhoods incl. walking tours, maps, local experts, personal recommendations. Sports. 4 Day Trips. Events Calendar. Dos & Don'ts. Total 177 pages. - Format: Digital

14,95 €

Barcelona by locals + personalized planning (PREMIUM Version)

FULL version of Barcelona by locals + assessment survey to define your expectations + 1:1 call helping you to plan your trip based on your personal needs - Format: Digital

47,95 €

Barcelona by locals (SHORT Version)

Four old-town neighborhoods (Raval, Born, Gótico, Barceloneta) incl. walking tours, maps, local experts, personal recommendations. Total: 62 pages - Format: Digital

8,95 €

Barcelona by locals: (DO IT YOURSELF Version)

You want to know more about selected parts of Barcelona or how to escape the city? Get the chapters you need and create your own version of Barcelona by locals - Format: Digital

3,95 €


With every digital travel guide of Barcelona sold we contribute to the beautiful social project of Hidden City Tours


Barcelona is a city that is facing two big problems at the moment: rising numbers of homeless and mass tourism. Hidden City Tours offers a solution to both: the project exclusively employs and trains up guides who are homeless! Who best to show you around the streets of Barcelona than someone who has lived on those very streets, right? Check their Website and Facebook to learn more about their guided city tours!


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