01. December 2017
Barcelona is blessed with a blend Mediterranean climate. Its winters can be cold but are mostly sunny. This is awesome and we love it! From November onwards, the sky in most European countries turns grey. Not in Barcelona - here you have mostly blue skies with the sun smiling at you. Still, we have to admit that it is getting chilly, especially in the shade and after sunset. So, what are the best plans for those cold but sunny winter days in Barcelona? Here is our TOP 7.
16. October 2017
Barcelona is a sporty city with tons of activities - one of our favorite one is Beachvolleyball and as this sport becomes more and more popular we want to present you our favorite tournament, called LOVE IT. Besides of the perfect organization, they support a local NGO - we LOVE IT!

05. September 2017
Barcelona's summer are HOT!! Many people think that the beach is the only escape and therefore the city's beaches are always crowded. We summarized for you our favorite activities to 'beat the heat' and those are also the ones locals mainly do unless they are on holidays (Many spend the whole month of August out of the city) Check out our hot tips for hot summer days - off the beaten track and with lots of fun guaranteed!
20. August 2017
Each neighborhood of Barcelona celebrates its own village fair and therefore you can find almost the whole summer period some fiestas going on in one of the barrios! The most famous one is LA FESTA MAJOR DE GRÀCIA. And it is easy to say why: they have by far the nicest decorated streets and the whole program is very well organized and full of fantastic events, shows, spectacles and activities for families. It happens always in the second half of August and for many Graciencs this is the most...

05. August 2017
One of the reasons why we fell so much in love with Barcelona is the city’s combination of vibrant urban lifestyle with its laid back beach vibes. And how to better express this through music ...
19. July 2017
We are happy to share with you our seven TOP traditional tapas restaurant in town. Some are very traditional and old school - some are more modern but they still understand the way of serving tapas in the traditional way. Interestingly they are spread all over the city - so wherever you might be now reading this - one of our hot spots shouldn’t be too far away! Enjoy reading and “tapeoing” :-) The order is random.

18. July 2017
Many of you might know that 'tapas' is a way Spanish usually eat - but do you really know what tapas means? We explain you step by step the sometimes confusing tapas menus so you will be able to order your perfect tapas dinner during your next visit in Barcelona.
06. July 2017
Get to know our TOP 7 rooftop terraces of Barcelona - with stunning views over the Magic Fountains, the old town, the port area or bustling boulevard Passeig de Gràcia!