CELEBREAK - football connects!

Sports with locals - Amateuer football community in Barcelona

We are passionate about doing sports and Barcelona offers a wide range of different sports to do! Be it Beachvolleyball, Yoga, Running, Hiking in the mountains or riding some waves in the ocean or even - football (or soccer).


In this short article we would like to present you the guys from “Celebreak”. It is a family run project, founded by the brothers Daniel and Sebastian Foth and their cousin Gabriel. Obviously all of them are crazy about football and their passion for sports and travel made them to start the beautiful project “Celebreak”.


Basically it is all about offering a platform for all Amateur Football players where they can meet up to play. They target not only locals and expats but also tourists who would like to play a bit during their holidays. It sounds not only super cool but is indeed quite successful!

These three guys organize not only daily training sessions/meet ups to play (including the typical post-beer :-)  but created also an own league and frequent tournaments. During summer they even offer a camp taking place in the famous Camp Nou stadium of FC Barcelona.

Their website and app is organized really well, check it out and convince yourself. We honestly say: congrats, guys, keep it up! We need more of those projects, bringing people from different backgrounds together, break down borders with the only goal to have some fun!

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