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04. Juli 2019
Die katalanische Metropole ist der ideale Ort, denn sie ist von zahlreichen Stränden umgeben. Das Problem dabei: Viele Strände sind überlaufen. Trotzdem haben wir natürlich Geheimtipps für euch ... Wir haben euch unsere 5 Lieblingsstrände aufgelistet. Alle sind gut mit der Metro, Bus oder dem Zug erreichbar.
04. Juli 2019
Barcelona is the ideal place because it is surrounded by numerous beaches. However, the problem is that many beaches are extremely crowded. Nevertheless, there are some insider tips about our favorite and less crowded beaches that we want to share with you! We have listed our 5 favorite beaches below. All are easily accessible by metro, bus or train.

19. Juli 2017
We are happy to share with you our seven TOP traditional tapas restaurant in town. Some are very traditional and old school - some are more modern but they still understand the way of serving tapas in the traditional way. Interestingly they are spread all over the city - so wherever you might be now reading this - one of our hot spots shouldn’t be too far away! Enjoy reading and “tapeoing” :-) The order is random.
18. Juli 2017
Many of you might know that 'tapas' is a way Spanish usually eat - but do you really know what tapas means? We explain you step by step the sometimes confusing tapas menus so you will be able to order your perfect tapas dinner during your next visit in Barcelona.