Top 7 Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona

We are happy to share with you our seven TOP traditional tapas restaurant in town. Some are very traditional and old school - some are more modern but they still understand the way of serving tapas in the traditional way. Interestingly they are spread all over the city - so wherever you might be now reading this - one of our hot spots shouldn’t be too far away!


Enjoy reading and “tapeoing” :-)


The order is random.

Bar Ramon

€ (15-20 € per person)

Neighborhood: Sant Antoni

Carrer del Comte Borrell, 81; +34 933 25 02 83; Opening hours: Mon. to Thu.: 8:30pm - 11:30pm, Fri. & Sat.: 9am - 4pm // 8:30pm - 0:00, closed on Sun.; Web:


At first sight, this place doesn’t look too nice. Still, Bar Ramón is usually crowded as price-quality ratio cannot be any better. If you are looking to get some tapas in a truly local atmosphere, you need to come here! The owners, a lovely Catalan couple, will make you feel at home! Make sure to book a table ahead - they are literally fully booked every single evening.


For whom: You do not care about the interior design but you want good quality to reasonable prices and very local atmosphere.

Bar del Pla

€€ (20-25 € per person)

Neighborhood: Born

Carrer de Montcada, 2; Tel.: +34 932 68 30 03; Opening hours: Mon. to Thu.: noon - 11pm; Fri., Sat. & public holidays: noon - 0:00, closed on Sun.; Web:


Our friends Magda and Fer recommended this place to us only a few months ago and since then, we have come here so many times with our friends and family. What you get here: high quality tapas at reasonable prices in a typical, Catalan atmosphere. If there is no free table, consider to sit on the bar (if you are not more than 3 people). Full local experience guaranteed! We fell in love especially with the raw mushroom-wasabi salad and the octopus with potatoes.


For whom: You want to experience traditional tapas in an authentic atmosphere without missing a very good service and nice interior design.


€€€ (25-35 € per person)

Neighborhood: Born

Carrer de Montcada, 29; Tel.: +34 933 101 607; Opening hours: Tue. to Sun.: noon - 4pm // 7pm - 0:00; closed on Mon., Web:


Their philosophy says that a good food experience not only starts by tasting the food in the mouth but also by watching it. So, the presentation of each plate is already art here. Expect to pay a little more but the overall experience including their excellent service is totally worth it. The place is tiny and has an open kitchen and you are only a few meters away from the cook preparing your food. Make a reservation beforehand!


For whom? You want to taste high quality tapas and are ready to pay a little extra for the fancy decoration of the plates and excellent service.

Panxa del Bisbe

€€€ (25-35 € per person)

Neighborhood: Gràcia

Carrer del Torrent de les Flors, 158; Tel.:+34 932 13 70 49; Opening hours: Tue. to Sat.: 1:30pm - 3:30pm // 8:30pm - 11:30pm, closed on Sun. & Mon.


The owner of this fantastic restaurant, Xavi Codina, loves the mountains. This is why he named this place after one of the peaks of the sacred mountain Montserrat. Opened in 2007, it offers delicious, Catalan tapas, all carefully created. The menu changes depending on the season and the last time we went we truly fell in love with the Cannelloni of ox tail and the octopus on grilled watermelon and creamy sweet mashed potatoes. It is very well known within the Gràcia neighborhood but still not frequented much by tourists as it is off the beaten track.


For whom? You want to discover a truly local tapas restaurants off the beaten track, enjoy delicious, very high quality food and are ready to pay a little more.

El 58

€€€ (20-25 € per person)

Neighborhood: Poblenou

Rambla del Poblenou, 58; Tel.: +34 936 01 39 03; Opening hours: Tue. to Sat.: 1:30pm - 11pm, closed on Sun. & Mon.; Web:


After having lived 16 years in the neighborhood, the owners of El 58, Jerome Misan, French, and Amos Martínez, Catalan, decided to open this restaurant. And they knew exactly what they wanted to create: a stylish restaurant offering high-quality tapas at reasonable prices. And we say: well done, guys! They serve tasty food combining traditional recipes with creative ideas by using mainly local products. Their interior courtyard is lovely although it can get very noisy. The tables right at the entrance are the quieter ones. Good to know: they don’t accept reservations so we highly recommend to come here latest 8:30 pm, before the Spanish usually go out for dinner.


For whom? You want to try as many different tapas as possible without spending too much money but at the same time don’t lack very good quality.

Can Recasens

€€ (20-25 € per person)

Neighborhood: Poblenou

Rambla del Poblenou, 102; Tel.: +34 933 00 81 23; Opening hours: Mon. to Fri.: 9pm - 1am, Sat.: 1pm - 4pm // 9pm - 1pm, closed on Sun.; Web:


What makes this restaurant special are mainly two things: 1) The interior design seems a little labyrinth with several rooms of different sizes connected by narrow corridors and small and bigger tables here and there. It is beautifully decorated with lots of plants as well as vegetables and wine bottles on the side. 2) As they own also a delicatessen shop around the corner, their specialties are mainly cheese and cold cuts platters as well as the hot cheese dishes called provolone. Important note: for dinner they have two turns, one starting at 9pm, the later one at 11pm. If you opt for the earlier one, expect to leave your table for the next turn. Definitely make a reservation beforehand!


For whom? You love Spanish cheese, ham and dining in unique decorated places. Plus, you don’t need necessarily a full hot meal for dinner.



€ (15-20 € per person)

Neighborhood: Barceloneta

Carrer de Balboa, 1; Tel.: +34 933 15 35 88; Opening hours: Mon. to Wed.: 9am - 0:00, Thu. & Fri.: 9am - 2am, Sat. & Sun.: 11am - 2:30am; Web:


Nothing special in terms of decoration and furniture but what counts here is good seafood tapas at very reasonable prices. If you prefer the full local vibe, stay in the main bigger eating room where it can get quite loud. They also have a small indoor patio with fewer tables. Unfortunately, they do not have a terrace, but interestingly this fact keeps the majority of tourists away as most locals prefer to have lunch inside, escaping from the midday sun.


For whom? You are a huge fan of seafood tapas and you don’t need a nicely decorated restaurant to be able to enjoy your meal.

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