1) On which devices does the digital travel guide work?

The format of Barcelona by locals is a simple PDF and works basically on all decives: PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Both Android and Apple support it.


2) How do I use the guide?

First of all, we recommend that you download Barcelona by locals to your device so you don't depend on an internet connection. 

Secondly, we personally love our mobile phones, however, we also hate to be 100% dependent on our phones. So, if we were you, we would print the walking tours (and only the walking tours!) and mark the best we wanted to see for sure with a pen - a bit old school ...


3) My first time in Barcelona - which version is the best for me?

Definitely go for the full version! You find all necessary information about Barcelona and can select from the neighborhoods, places and activities that most attract you.


4) I have already been to Barcelona or live here - which version is the best for me?

If you know Barcelona's neighborhoods well, select the ones you still want to discover. If you have been here only once for a few days, we still recommend you to get the full version just to make sure you do not miss out anything!


5) How can I know that the guide will suit my needs?

Watch the video 'About us' ! We created this video in order to present ourselves and to give you an idea of who we are and what we like. This way you get a better feeling if our recommendations meet your expectations.


6) Can I send the travel guide as a gift to someone?

Sure! Drop us an email to hola@barcelonabylocals.com and we will tell you exactly what to do!


7) Did the listed restaurants and bars pay for being mentioned?

No. We selected only our favorite places and the ones of our local experts and we do not receive any commission for listing them. The recommendations are fully authentic and personal. 


8) Do you get any other income besides of the sales of the travel guide?

No. At the moment we renounce any other income besides of the sales of the travel guide. We don't want our readers to get the impression that some of our recommendations are paid advertisement. Everything we list and post is only because we personally like it and because we are convinced of the quality offered.